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Over a month and a half ago I paid them over $5K to replace my roof and gutters - have not heard one word back since they cashed my check. Two weeks ago I called to find out what was up.

Local office number no longer working (whoa! big surprise!) - so I called the 800 number on their website. Had to leave a message with a girl who was absolutely clueless and rude. Over an hour later I get a call from some guy that says they will be out within two weeks...

two weeks have past and I call the 800 number back to get same rude girl and leave a message. This is absurd. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB as well as contacting my state attorney's office.

BE WARNED!!! Novastar Construction Group is bush league at best.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #775494

Novastar got me with my roof. They took my check and ran.

After 50-100 call I then contacted an attorney. He sent a letter to Novastar which was returned, never opened. My insurance company was then going to cancel me because of my roof so I had to pull money from my 401K since I didn't have that kind of money. They got a check for $7242.

which was partial payment. That I know I will never see again. I just want others to know about them so they don't get taken. It is a horrible feeling thinking you can't trust anyone!

Novastar takes advantage of folks and don't give it a second thought. I just hope one day they will get what they deserve


please contact

Actions are being taken and if you want to be a part of it to re-coupe any losses, please contact immediately.

Do not hesitate or believe it to not be worth the time. The more victims we can identify, the stronger our case becomes showing that these are intentional malicious actions on their part displayed through repetition and not merely unfortunate coincidences.

Please have all information available and accessible.

Any contracts or paperwork you may have signed; copies of canceled checks; documented paperwork from your banking institution supporting the transaction; and anything else you believe to be of importance.Victims more then likely will be in multiple states, so this will take some effort and time with communications; but if you have been wronged, the results will be worth the fight. 34a1579


nova star construction are a scam i use to work for them they owe me over 40 thousand of dollars and im not the only one im trying to get my money and jason chasse and louis bernarducci are crooks they change their name now the company name is the restoration store and im tryin to get a lawyer and get this people to jail for all the bounce checks i got everybody should warn people not to do bussines with them


They are now operating under another company in Atlanta from the hail storm, the owners Jason Chase and Lou Bernaducci need to be stopped from doing this to other people, somebody needs to research where they are and shut them down!

to Eric Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1028996

By any chance do you have a picture of Lou Bernarducci the name is very familiar.

Queens, New York, United States #618668

These people are storm chasers that go from state too state and steal peoples money. My roof is leaking/shingles fell off that they put last September and these people haven't returned ANY phone calls in 3 months.They use the cheapest subs around that they find in home depot parking lots(obviously).


to watch out!!! New York City, New York, United States #660619

Hi working on researching this company 'novastar construction' and 'the restoration store' - could you please message me at ?

White Plains, New York, United States #592961

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Very rude company

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